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Fossilized Agatized Coral

comparing real fossilized agatized coral with the faux This is the result of my first attempt at recreating this lovely stone. I fell in love with these beauties at the Embellishment Show last June... but they are rare and spendy! So, I bought just one and vowed I would try to replicate it. The following photos will chronicle my second try using slightly differnt colors.


first steps of tutorial - illustration The original bullseye canes (6) are about one inch wide and two inches long (left). The center is Primo Translucent [with bleach] and it 's surrounded by a tint of Primo White and Primo Light Ochre. In this version, I split the cane lengthwise and inserted very thin slices of the White/Lt. Ochre into the center. I am attempting to more faithfully render the lacey effect. Next to this is one of the canes reduced 2 times (roll to 4 inches, cut in half - repeat) , then the final step for the center of the cane is a 2 inch x 1 inch 'lace cane' of bullseye canes, reduced once more, and bunched together. The lace cane requires only one of the original bullseye canes. Compress and roll to 4 inches to remove air pockets and reduce to about a half inch wide.


next steps illustration The remaining canes not used in the center are reduced twice and then cut into 4 one inch pieces. Flatten these slightly and pinch one edge to make a teardrop shape. Arrange around the center which was also reduced again and cut to a 1 inch lengh. Compress and roll this to get rid of the air pockets.

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