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Fossilized Agatized Coral

Part 2

I've taken the leftover small canes and flattened them into a stack... shown here next to the rest of the cane for comparison. I used a brayer to flatten the stack of canes into a slab, but didn't try to reduce or lenghten too much. I trimmed the ends so that I could clearly see the pattern and so that I could stand it on end for the slicing...


I sliced down through the stacked canes vertically (red line above). I had to reduce the original cane some more so that these two slabs would just fit around the outside, then I wrapped the slabs around the center of the cane and trimmed off the ends to match. Notice that the cut edges of the slab are facing outward... this will create the spokes on the outer edge of the coral pattern.


More to come!
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