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Frank Peretti

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Book reviews

This Present Darkness/Piercing the Darkness (boxed set)
This Present Darkness (paperback)
The first novel of Peretti's which I read, it kept me on the edge of my seat with it's fast-paced, well-crafted story! My only complaint was that his literary style was a little wordy. But his wonderful ability to tell a facinating story more than made up for it.
The most facinating aspect of this story (and Piercing the darkness) is that they are written from an angelic perspective. The ordinary happenings of day-to-day living are given heavenly, eternal importance. He gives his angelic and demonic characters believable life without sacrificing biblical fidelity. Like C. S. Lewis, Peretti writes even far-flung fiction while staying true to God's reality.
Piercing the Darkness (paperback)
The second installment of angelic exploits was even better than the first! I have read all of Peretti's adult fiction aloud to my husband and son because none of us wanted to wait for the other to finish reading the book. So we all read them together...=)
Prophet (paperback)
Peretti researched this novel at local NW telvision stations, interviewing people involved in the pro-life movement and incorporated elements of true events to tell this chillingly real tale about the media, the politics of abortion, and puts real faces and feelings behind the sterile statistics most pro-choice advocates quote. The story was riveting, heart-rending, and definately hard to put down!
The Oath (paperback)
This is, in my opinion, Peretti's best work to date. Fast-paced as always, this has none of the wordiness of his earlier novels. Suspensful, intriguing story, tight charaterizations, and moral punch make this a really great read.

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