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On Saturday, November 22nd, our local chapter of the Official Fan Club got together for a viewing of the extended edition of The Two Towers. One of Prim's friends graciously offered her home, equipped with a nice big-screen TV and surround sound... even though she herself couldn't be there!

There was a door prize, and I actually won! The prize was a RotK Treebeard action figure (the small sized one). It's my first RotK action figure! Also, everyone (who wanted one) got a party favor: "You Cannot Pass" car window sign (yellow diamond with staff-weilding wizard).

Someone (I think it was one of Prim's kids) brought the toy Sting with the clashing sword sounds... it was so sensitive to any motion that we had to remove it from the TV room because the booming base of the sub-woofer was setting it off!