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Fan Club Scrapbook Project

I have been given the charge to create the pages for one chapter of the Fan Club Scrapbook. Posted here are composite scans of the pages I've finished. Click on the thumbnail image to open a new window with the full-size scan. Warning: these files are huge!

Orc Nursery Rhymes and Gollum's Riddle Cave:

Orc Nursery Rhymes and Gollum's Riddle Cave


This is a scan of only one of the two recipe pages. There is also a title spanning both pages which hadn't been added when I made this scan. It is on the bottom-center edges of the finished pages. Each recipe card was written out by hand, and some of them had to be written out several times because I kept making stupid errors. Hopefully I caught all the errors... if there are any, it's too bad! I'm done with these pages! LOL!


Soundtrack Analysis:

Here again, I've only scanned one half the the two-page spread, just to give an idea of the style. The "cast shadow" for the letter tiles is actually some gold foil contact paper cut into little squares with a craft punch. Of course, the title is completed on the other page.

Soundtrack Analysis

Middle Earth School:

This scan is of the right-side page of a 2 page spread. The left side page says "Middle Earth" on the chalkboard. The script on the bottom of the chalkboard says "hobbits" written in Tengwar letters. The rune at the top is "G" for Gandalf.

Middle Earth School - character report cards