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C. S. Lewis

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Book reviews

Space Trilogy (paperback set)
Out of the Silent Planet (hardcover)
Ransom, a philologist on holiday, stumbles onto the scheme of an unscrupulous scientist to be the first to exploit the planet Mars and become rich on its natural resources.
Abducted and taken to Mars, he escapes his captors only to find himself face-to-face with the natives! He learns their language, culture and history and a surprising revelation about his own earth and why it is called the "Silent Planet".
Fast paced and full of Lewis' usual wit and wisdom, you will find it hard to put this one down.
Perelandra (hardcover)
Ransom is again whisked off to another planet, but this time the ride is provided by the "eldil" whom he meets on Mars (Malacandra). He is sent to prevent the corruption of the new inhabitants of Perelandra (Venus). His old nemisis, the scientist, has been taken over by the "bent eldil" of Earth (Thulcandra) and is not just greedy now, but quite mad.
Much slower paced and talky at times, this one was harder for me to get through. But it is definately worth the effort as Lewis' wisdom shines its brightest in this little novel. It is packed with gems of truth and beauty!
That Hideous Strength (hardcover)
All the action in this story takes place on Earth. A young couple becomes embroiled in an evil conspiracy. An ages-long siege of the Earth is broken and all heaven is pulled down upon the conspirators heads. Chillingly suspensful, "That Hideous Strength" could stand on it's own, though it is enriched and enlarged by reading its prequels. Lewis creates an eerie sense of the supernatural reminiscent of his mentor and inspiration, George MacDonald.

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