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Stephen R. Lawhead

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Book reviews

Song of Albion Trilogy
The Paradise War (paperback)
Here is Lawhead's descriptive writing style at its best. The Otherworld of Albion comes vividly alive and in sharp focus. What I especially enjoyed was his ability to weave small Celtic folk tales (whether traditional tales or his own creations, I don't know and can't tell) into the fabric of the larger story. A deep sense of awe pervades all his books, this book is no exception, and is fairly tingling with wonder.
The Silver Hand (paperback)
In the second of the series, Lawhead makes a change of narrators. Included are many bardic tales, and a rich tapestry of character and plot. Overall, what I remember most is a building sense of how the Celtic mind viewed soveriegnty, and how this related to their view of Christ.
The Endless Knot (paperback)
Lawhead continues the theme of illustrating the soverignty of God through his character King Llew. His story telling is fast-paced, vividly detailed, exquisitly rich. The ending brought me to tears as I read it aloud to my husband and son, not because it is sad (although having this wonderful story end is sad!) but because of a deep, profound sense of joy....you have to read it to fully understand what I mean...=)

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